Quality Over Quantity and the Challenges for 3×1

For more than a decade, Scott Morrison has been leading the denim industry. It goes without saying that success brings a lot of challenges with it. After succeeding with his brands Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn, Morrison turned to the challenge of creating a brand that revolves solely around fine quality.


The outcome of this challenge is 3×1 denim jeans, a New York based store where every stitch of every pair of jeans is sewn onsite. The store is both a retail outlet and a factory. Ultimately, the entire concept is dedicated to responsible production and ethical manufacturing. The brand certainly exudes success around the world, but nonetheless the idea does face questions of quality over quantity.

Rather than turning out hundreds of pairs of jeans a day, the workers at the 3×1 factory may only produce two pairs each a day. The difference, and the argument in favor of quality over quantity, is that each pair of jeans is created with care and dedication. Jeans from 3×1 can be tailored, custom made and measured, and have a personalized customization that provide a holistic denim experience that you won’t be able to pick up in a department store.61d341b67bbbd6badc690e2238890a4f

Why are jeans so important?

Anyone could argue that investing so much time into a single item of clothing is hardly worth it. However, jeans have become such a widely socially acceptable attire in society that their popularity demands some respect. As a result of this also, there is a high demand for upmarket and quality jeans. 3X1 certainly answers to this demand.

The philosophy behind the 3×1 label revolves largely around three principles: impeccable quality, brand integrity, and transparency of production. A major part of Morrison’s vision for this brand is to have 3×1 stand as an informative and educational business, giving customers the chance to have an in-depth look at the effort and care put into jeans. The fact that factory is visible behind a transparent piece of glass helps people see beyond the pair of jeans they are wearing and see who actually made them. This is really important for an ethical society and fair trade principles to flourish.2ae40ec117fe0e368c9853b210952c7d

What are the challenges faced?

Although Morrison is doing everything right, 3×1 still has it’s fair share of challenges. This is ultimately because it is a small production project. Ultimately, it takes more time, care, and expenses to create less than more in the fashion world. Nonetheless, Morrison stands by the fact that 3×1 is all about quality.

To produce quality denim is the reason Morrison created the brand. No matter how time consuming and inefficient it can seem to produce such small numbers of jeans, Morrison feels that this is what is worth investing in. The outcome of the jeans, for those who choose to invest, is ultimate quality and comfort with a pair of jeans that are versatile and will last a long time. It is these people who respect Morrison’s philosophy and help him fight a good fight, no matter what the challenges are.